[Star of the Week] The Marks Shinhwa Left Here and There in the Acting World

During the 14 long years under the name Shinhwa, the members kept things diverse and interesting by exploring different genres other than just singing.

Reaching out their arms towards acting, each Shinhwa member (except Shin Hye Sung, whose acting can only become a joke within the group) has made a unique mark in the acting world.

While Eric, Jun Jin, Andy, Kim Dong Wan, and Lee Min Woo have all done more than one project, we selected the one drama that made each member’s acting career shine like no other.

Andy – The Law Student

As the studious student, hoping to pass the bar exam, Andy was always seen studying, studying, and studying in MBC’s sitcom New Nonstop 4. Whenever Bong Tae Gyu or MC Mong came to disturb the peace, Andy would recite:

“As you know, about 400,000 youth are now out of a job because of the long suffering economic depression in this era of unemployment. How can we expect to survive without proper preparation for the future? Please, please, men, silence! Please be quiet!”

This long phrase would eventually become Andy’s motto in the rest of the series.

The above clip not only includes the popular catchphrase, but also a special (somewhat awkward) cameo appearance by Shin Hye Sung with S (a friendship group Shin Hye Sung was part of with Kang Ta and Lee Ji Hoon), proving that perhaps, it′s best if Shin Hye Sung sticks with singing.

Lee Min Woo – The Playboy

As a playboy who eyed this girl and that girl, Lee Min Woo was eventually tamed by Jo Jung Rin in MBC’s New Nonstop 5, where he fell in love with her, despite teasing her for the majority of the series.

Unfortunately for him, Jo Jung Rin was in love with Kang Kyung Joon, and realizing that Kang Kyung Joon felt the same way about her, Lee Min Woo stepped back and let the love of his life go after a last date, so that she could be happy.

Jun Jin – The Cellist

Hilariously enough, one of Jun Jin’s big shining moments in his acting career did not have him saying a single word.

All it took was some closed eyes, deeply feeling the music, and fake playing the cello.

Perhaps because it was pretty obvious that Jun Jin didn’t know how to play the cello, the Shinhwa members made fun of it as they highlighted as Jun Jin’s best performance in KBS’ Forbidden Love in 2004.

Kim Dong Wan – The Independence Activist

Having dreams to be an actor even before becoming a Shinhwa member, Kim Dong Wan proved his amazing acting abilities through MBC’s Lee Youk Sa. The two-episode drama was about the life of independence activist, Lee Youk Sa, who fought to his death to get Korea freed from Japanese rule.

Kim Dong Wan’s realistic portrayal of the revolutionary poet was so good that the drama special ended taking top honors at the World Fest – Houston International Film Festival.

Eric – The Cheesy Romantist

In 2004, Eric muttered the words that would forever stick with him, whether he liked it or not.

Appearing as the charismatic Seo Jung Min, Eric muttered the words, “Do you smell something? It’s my heart burning for you” to the late Lee Eun Joo, in an attempt to romance her.

With his smooth, yet totally cheesy remarks, Lee Eun Joo did end up falling in love with Eric, but it was only after he said, “This place is heaven, and look, here’s an angel,” and “Do you know why the 6.25 war happened? (insert kiss) Because we weren’t paying attention.”

Definitely got our attention!

Photo Credit: KBS, Chicken Mania

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I’ve seen the talks Shinhwa did in Shinbang, but never seen the videos. And yes, Shin Hyesung better focus on singing. XD (he doesn’t have any spot in this article ==’)


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